Sleep deprivation

He Says

As a lot of Australians learned during the Soccer World Cup, getting a reasonable amount of sleep is a very important thing. Some of the worst time for sleep is in the first few weeks and months after bringing the new baby home.

For us, Stacey’s last few weeks of pregnancy was really tough, and we went into the birth with not much sleep under our belts.

Through filming for Being Dad 2, it seemed to me that new mums that felt supported, did some exercise and got enough sleep were less likely to develop Post Natal Depression – which seems like a pretty tough illness, and definitely one to avoid.

I took an approach which seemed to work well:

  • Getting Stacey to express milk so that I could do the midnight feed.
  • Making sure that during the night I was the one who got up to at least 1 in 3 of Matilda’s screams.
  • Me taking one day off work a week to look after Matilda and let Stacey take the day off, go to work, catch up with friends, go shopping, see a movie? anything she wanted.

When I initially figured out this plan, I’ll admit I thought that those would all be a hassle, and I should get some sort of medal or award for being such a good dad and bloke.

One year down the track, I’m really glad, on a personal level, I did all of those things to the best of my ability. I feel like I’m closer to Matilda and a better Dad as a result.

Its horses for courses, but I would recommend coming up with a similar plan that suits you and your situation. Get involved? you wont regret it.

She Says

Ha ha ha, “I took an approach which seemed to work?” I like that one. Truth be told when Troy and I went to our Prenatal classes we were told that under no circumstances should the baby be bottle feed and that an epidural was a HUGE risk. Well, having decided well in advance on both an epidural and expressing so Daddy could do late night feeds I was aghast when Troy took the advice of our antenatal instructor and told me I was NOT having an epidural OR giving Matilda bottle and breast. Needless to say I got my own way in the end.

For more information see Fatherhood or Parenting .

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