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He Says

Some of the best times I can remember are with my oldest mates – having a few beers, watching the footy, re-telling all those well-worn war stories and jokes til the wee hours in the morning. Those kebabs/souvlakis/yiros … depending on where we were living at the time – never tasted so good as at 2am.

Whilst I never consciously decided to back off that during the pregnancy and the birth, in hindsight, things really do seem to have changed.

Mates who have kids have become closer, mates without kids have faded into the background just a little bit. I think as my priorities changed and my focus has diverted, so naturally has the rest of my social life.

Work associations, although very important during the week, have held less importance during my time after hours.

My phone spends a lot of time either off or on silent these days, two things it NEVER did before.

I know that when my School mates get into the same head space, things will re-convene and re-align later on.

The strange thing is that its something I loved doing back then, but not something that I miss. At least for the moment!

She Says

If your husband is anything like Troy you’ll find that he hypes up the baby before bed, gives them food at anytime, lets them stay up when they should be sleeping and any number of other crazy things that will send your bub into a state of hyperactivity. Let me give you the strong tip Troy? go out more, have a few beers after work? it gives me time to get Matilda to sleep before you come home and hype her up!

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