Sleep (or lack of it)

Getting our babies to sleep is a topic many new sleep-deprived mothers struggle with. All the mums on the couch whole heartedly agree that a lack of sleep can feel soul destroying and can affect your ability to cope with the demands of being a parent.

Sleep, or the lack of it

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Jennifer Hamilton deals with the issue of sleep (or lack of it) everyday in her role as a mothercraft nurse. She suggests that the reality is all mothers suffer from sleep deprivation when they first have their babies and learning about how you deal with the situation is important. All children are different and will wake for different reasons, the problems arise when sleep deprivation is causing other problems and the family is not functioning properly. She advises that this is the time that you need to seek some help to improve the situation, such as a Mothercraft nurse, Tresillian or Karitane.

Leonie Scott, mother of two from Lithgow, discusses that accessing support services in remote or rural areas can be more difficult, however the ability to use online services has made a real difference.

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