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Guests for Live Q & A

Lauren Gabriel & Michelle Gray are directors of Preggi Bellies. Both are physiotherapists and focus on pre and postnatal exercise using exercise balls, especially the unspoken issue of incontinence.

Gillian Fong is a speech pathologist who specialises in kids speech and communication issues. What’s normal when it comes to learning to talk? Gillian can provide the answer to this and more.

Stay at home dad, Adam Stockley, tells it like it really is for a stay at home dad. Have you ever wondered what they do differently? Now is your chance to ask.

Veterinarian Dr Katrina Warren offers her tips on how you can have pets and kids living happily together. This is your chance to ask questions about how to ensure the two legged and four legged members of the family get along.

Jennifer Hamilton, a Mothercraft nurse and Karitane enrolled nurse for 20 years and a mum, provides tips and ideas for helping your babies to have a good sleep routine. This is a great opportunity to ask someone with both personal and professional experience your questions.

Former TV presenter, Karen Fischer, is now a qualified nutritionist; health columnist and an author (health book due for release in 2008). She specialises in skin complaints, eczema and diet. She is looking forward to answering your questions.

Kim Purnell, Professional Swim instructor, shares her tips on how to encourage your baby to swim from a young age and has some important safety tips we should remember around water. She is looking forward to answering your questions.

Alison Osborne, author of “The Post-Baby Conversation” and mother of 2 gives us some tips on how to keep the spice in our relationships. This is your opportunity to ask your questions.

GP, Dr Martine Walker, provides an insight into who is susceptible to PND, how to recognise the signs and how to find help. Take the opportunity to find out more about PND.

Dr Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett, Lecturer at the Institute of Early Childhood Studies and mother of 2 (with a third on the way), is ready to chat about Toddler behaviour – including tantrums, also is it ever too early to start teaching your children? Find out the answer to this question and more. Image provided by ELC.

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