St John

St John is a community services organisation, active across New Zealand, dedicated to the prevention and relief of sickness and injury, and acting to enhance the health and well-being of people of all races and creeds anywhere in New Zealand.

They been active in New Zealand for over 120 years, and internationally are part of a wider organisation with a long and honourable history.

St John is New Zealand’s foremost first aid training providers, teaching practical life-saving skills to over 50,000 kiwi’s each year.

Huggies supports and endorses St John. We strongly encourage all parents to take part in the courses they offer. Not only will you be supporting a wonderful organisation but you could save a life, maybe even your child’s.

Who are they?

  • St John is made up of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
  • They are from your local community.
  • They are people with a commitment to caring.
  • They have over 6,000 volunteers and 2000 paid staff.
  • In their familiar uniforms, they provide ambulance services, emergency care and first aid coverage at public events across New Zealand.
  • They also provide a range of community care programmes nationally. These services are funded and resourced by volunteers.
  • They have a growing youth programme where young New Zealanders (from six to 18 years) can learn first aid, health care, self-discipline and general life skills in their communities
  • They fund their charitable activities through the marketing of medical alarms, first aid training and first aid kits, together with the support of the community through donations, bequests, and corporate giving.

What do they provide?

Some key statistics describe their size, shape and work:

  • Patients treated by ambulance officers last financial year – 308,609
  • Number of emergency incidents attended – 207,482
  • Total number of ambulance and operational vehicles – 535
  • Kilometres travelled by ambulances – 13.2 million
  • Ambulance stations – 184
  • Number of volunteers – 6,350
  • Number of paid staff – 2,129
  • Number of youth members – 3,759
  • Total membership – 12,238

Visit the St John Shop for a range of high quality products and services related to health care, event safety, first aid training and independent living. Profits from the shop go towards funding the St John Ambulance Service, as well as the many programmes St John deliver to New Zealand communities.

To learn more, visit the St John website.

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