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Kids Health

As a parent, there is nothing more important than happy, healthy kids.

While there is no possible way to make sure that kids never get sick, there are many ways to help them avoid serious illness and recover from little scrapes, coughs and colds much faster.

The key to healthy kids

Not too surprisingly the key to great health for kids is balance.

Because prevention is better than cure, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best defence against illness and injury. A nutritionally balanced diet, coupled with an active lifestyle, really does work wonders.

You’ll be ticking almost all the boxes, if you can ensure that your little ones are:

Getting all the nutrients they can from the food they eat – a healthy diet means different things for different kids. For children with food sensitivities, things can be more complicated. Making sure you are capitalising on the best food available for your little one is the best tactic.
Keeping well hydrated with plenty of fresh water – there isn’t a child alive who doesn’t crave a soft drink or milkshake every now and then, but the more times they choose water over a sugary drink, the better!
Not spending too much time on their screens at the expense of physical activity – there’s nothing wrong with some screen time on an iPad or TV, but getting fresh air and exercise is invaluable for optimal health and happiness in kids.

But what about when the inevitable happens and they catch that lingering lurgi?

Sometimes there is no escaping it, especially when it seems children are susceptible to catching colds. Then there are communicable diseases, like chicken pox, measles, and mumps. And, let’s not forget classic tummy bugs with their projectile eruptions from either end (or both ends).

Fear not, we are here to shed insight into the early signs of common childhood illness. From colds to glandular fever, from rashes to head lice, we’ll provide tips on how to relieve and treat them, as well as how to prevent further infections. Remember to always seek healthcare professional advice prior to applying these tips.

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