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Government assistance for families

The New Zealand Government provides payments and services to help you when you’re having a baby and raising children. Keeping yourself informed will ensure you don’t miss out on any payments and entitlements.

Below are the most common payments available to families. Of course this information is of a general nature, and for more detailed information visit the Inland Revenue Department website.

Families can receive the following financial support to help with the cost of raising children.

Working for Families – government payments as tax credits, for families with children aged 18 or under.

Paid parental leave – a government payment to help make up for lost income when you have a new baby.

Best Start – a special Working for Families government payment until your child turns 1.

Working for Families tax credits

The Inland Revenue website provides detailed information about the payments available to you for your family.

Working for Families Tax Credits are payments for families with children aged 18 and under.

Working for Families Tax Credits are made up of four types of payments:

In-work tax credit: A payment for families where the parents have paid work for a required amount of hours.

Minimum family tax credit: A payment to make sure families are getting a basic income where the parents are working the required amount of hours for salary and wages.

Family tax credit: A payment for each child in the family.

Best Start: A special payment for new babies and paid until your child turns 1.

You can contact Working For Families regarding tax credits by calling the Inland Revenue on 0800 227 773 (remember to have your IRD number handy).

The amount you receive will depend on your total family income, and its source, and how many dependent children under 18 years of age are living with you. There’s plenty of great information in the Working for Families Tax Credits section of the IRD website including tools to work out whether you are entitled to these tax credits, and how much you can get. There is also detailed information on how you go about applying. Each family situation is different and you should seek advice from IRD about your particular circumstances.

Paid Parental Leave

Paid Parental Leave may also be an option for some families. We have more information about this here.

The Inland Revenue has more information about this on their website.

For more information see Parenting advice or Parenting.

Last updated June 2019