Huggies Baby Wipes with unique Triple Clean Design

Babies make all kinds of mess! When it comes to ‘that’ kind of mess Huggies Baby Wipes can help you make short work of it.

Our unique Triple Clean design combines thickness, softness and absorbency to leave your baby’s skin cleaner & healthier with fewer wipes:

Triple Clean Wipes

Thickness – Huggies Baby Wipes are extra thick which means they get more off with less wipes.

Softness – Huggies Baby Wipes are soft and gentle to gently clean and help protect babies’ delicate skin.

Absorbency – Huggies Baby Wipes contain natural wood pulp that works to absorb mess away from baby’s skin.

Cleaner & Healthier Skin – Using fewer wipes

Not all baby wipes are made the same. Huggies thick Baby Wipes are free from alcohol (means Ethanol and Isopropanol) and soap to safely and gently clean while helping protect your baby’s skin.

Their unique combination of thickness, softness and absorbency leave your baby’s skin cleaner and healthier with fewer wipes.