Baby Wipes product range

Huggies Baby Wipes utilise Triple Clean Technology to provide the ultimate combination of thickness, softness and absorbency.

With two different kinds of Baby Wipes, Huggies can help you clean and soothe even the most sensitive of bottoms.

Our Fragrance Free Wipes are safe and gentle for newborn and sensitive skin, while our Lightly Fragranced Wipes come with cucumber and aloe for a refreshing and gentle clean.

Soft Packs

Resealable soft pack Fragrance Free, Shea Butter, Cucumber & Aloe
80 pack 80 pack

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Pop-Up Tubs

Fragrance Free
80 pack

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Refill Packs

Resealable bag Fragrance Free, Fragrance Free, Shea Butter, Cucumber & Aloe
160 pack 240 pack 240 pack

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Mega Pack

Resealable bags in box Fragrance Free, Cucumber & Aloe
384 pack

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