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Q. What is Huggies range of Baby Wipes?

A. Huggies understands that all babies are different and because of this, we have developed two varieties of baby wipes that are all free from alcohol (means Ethanol and Isopropanol), soap and parabens.

1. Fragrance Free Wipes are safe and gentle for newborn and sensitive skin
2. Lightly Fragranced with Cucumber & Aloe to safely refresh and soothe

Q. What are Huggies Baby Wipes made from?

A. A stretchy non-woven fabric called Coform.

Coform is made by combining microscopic and continuous plastic fibres with wood pulp (cellulose) fibres that provide gentle care to baby’s skin.

Q. What is the difference between the lightly fragranced and fragrance free Huggies Baby Wipes?

A. All Huggies Baby Wipes are alcohol (means Ethanol and Isopropanol) and soap free. We have developed two different varieties of wipes so that all skin types can enjoy the gentle, complete clean of Huggies Baby Wipes.

Huggies Fragrance Free Baby Wipes have been developed without fragrance for even the most delicate skin. They are safe and gentle for newborns and sensitive skin and provide a mild and gentle clean.

Our Cucumber & Aloe lightly fragranced wipes provide a light scent and a refreshing change.

Q. Do Huggies Baby Wipes contain soap?

A. No, Huggies Baby Wipes do not contain soap.

Q. If there is no soap in the product, how does it clean?

A. Soap is processed animal fat and can dry out skin.

Huggies Baby Wipes contain mild cleansers and are perfectly safe for wiping little hands and faces. Although they contain some synthetic cleansing agents, all Huggies Baby Wipes are still very gentle and should not cause any problems even for babies with sensitive skin.

Q. Will Huggies Baby Wipes irritate sensitive skin?

A. Huggies Baby Wipes are designed to gently clean your baby’s skin.
The texture of our wipes is very soft and they contain natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, to calm, moisturise and protect.

Huggies Fragrance Free Baby Wipes are safe for newborn and sensitive skin. The lotion used in the wipes is free from alcohol (means Ethanol and Isopropanol) so it soothes and moisturises your baby’s skin. The gentlest ingredients ensure a soft and caring clean every time making the wipes perfect for delicate skin, even when it’s sensitive to irritation.

Q. What are the skin care ingredients in Huggies Baby Wipes?

A. Huggies Baby Wipes contain Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

Vitamin E is a natural skin conditioner that helps keep skin naturally healthy. It’s found in a number of popular baby care and skin products. Aloe Vera comes from Aloe Vera plants and is a natural botanical ingredient. It is gentle and soothing to the skin.

Q. Is there alcohol in the Huggies Baby Wipes?

A. No.

Huggies Baby Wipes contain no alcohol (means Ethanol and Isopropanol). Our wipes are designed to be caring and gentle.

Q. How long is the shelf life of Huggies Baby Wipes?

A. All unopened Huggies Baby Wipes have a shelf life of two years.

Once opened they will remain fresh for up to a year, provided the tub or pack is sealed properly between uses and is kept out of direct sunlight and away from a lot of heat. All Huggies Baby Wipes are best stored at room temperature.

Q. Can a Baby Wipe be re-used?

A. No.

It is recommended that each Huggies Baby Wipe be used for one clean only, and then disposed of in a waste container.

Q. Can the product be used from head to toe?

A. Yes, Huggies Baby Wipes contain natural and gentle ingredients and are safe to use on all of your baby’s body parts.

Q. If a baby puts a Huggies Baby Wipe in their mouth, is it safe?

A. The ingredients in all Huggies Wipes have been tested extensively for safety.

A large percentage of the wetting solution in all Huggies Wipes is water and is non-toxic, so no injury should occur if a baby puts a Huggies Wipes in their mouth.

Q. Can Huggies Baby Wipes be flushed down the toilet?

A. No, Huggies Baby Wipes should be disposed of in a waste container.

Q. Is Huggies Baby Wipes packaging recyclable?

A. Yes.

All Huggies Baby Wipes packaging is recyclable where the appropriate recycling facilities exist. However, the product packaging is not curb side recyclable. Please ask your local council for the closest recycling facilities.

Q. Do Huggies Baby Wipes contain preservatives and are they safe for baby?

A. All leading baby wipes, irrespective of brand, include the preservatives necessary to protect wipes against bacterial or fungal contamination. Huggies Baby Wipes are:

✓ Alcohol free (means Ethanol and Isopropanol)
✓ Soap free
✓ Paraben & MIT free

All Huggies Baby Wipes undergo thorough internal and independent safety evaluations that support our confidence in the quality and safety of our products. Huggies Baby Wipes are, and have always been, completely safe for mothers to use to clean their baby.

Q. Do I have to use Pop-Up refill packs in Huggies Pop-Up tub?

A. Yes.

Our refill packs have been specifically designed for our Pop-Up tub.

For any further enquiries or comments please contact Huggies.

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