The Benefits of Huggies Baby Wipes

The Natural Choice

When it comes to looking after your baby’s precious skin, safe and gentle baby wipes are a must.

Huggies Baby Wipes are made with a hypoallergenic formula that uses natural ingredients, such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, to soothe and moisturise. All of our wipes are pH balanced, dermatologically tested, and free from soap and alcohol – So they’re safe to use on baby’s face, hands and bottoms.

Because no two baby’s bottoms are exactly the same, we have developed two varieties of baby wipes that are all free from parabens.

  1. Fragrance Free Wipes are safe and gentle for newborn and sensitive skin
  2. Lightly Fragranced Wipes with Cucumber & Aloe safely refresh and soothe

Triple Clean

Huggies Baby Wipes utilise Triple Clean Technology to provide the ultimate combination of thickness, softness and absorbency for cleaner, healthier skin.

Our wipes ensure a safe, gentle, complete clean that leaves nothing behind.

When used together with Huggies Nappies, Huggies Baby Wipes help protect your baby’s skin from even the tiniest causes of irritation.

Thick and soft

In addition to being soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, Huggies Baby Wipes also provide an extra thickness. The generous, absorbent layer in our wipes makes it easier and faster for you to remove more of the dirt that can cause irritation. This leaves your baby’s skin cleaner and healthier, while using fewer wipes!

Always Moist

Every Huggies Baby Wipe is individually treated for even, moisture distribution.

This means you won’t get dry, hard wipes at the top of packs and saturated, soggy wipes at the bottom! Every Huggies Baby Wipe will be soft and moist.

Our pH balanced wipes, with ingredients such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, also ensure that soothing moisture is passed on to your little bub when and where it counts the most.

Easy one hand use

Changing nappies has never been the easiest of tasks. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a wriggling baby!

That’s why Huggies Baby Wipes come in a fantastic Pop-Up tub.

Our unique Pop-Up button opening makes change time easier – even for the squirmiest of bubs! Huggies Baby Wipes are easily dispensed with just a swipe of one hand. So, you’ll always have one hand free – to hold or distract your little one – while you clean them up and change their nappy.

The Pop-Up tub also ensures you get one wipe at a time. So you only get as many wipes out as you need to make sure your baby’s skin is clean and free from irritation.

For more information on baby skin health, check out our Baby skin care hub.

Benefits of using baby wipes

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