Huggies Nappies and the Environment


mum and baby at the park

There is no doubt that both cloth and disposable nappies have an impact on the environment and there is no point pretending otherwise. That said, most things we buy from the supermarket affect the environment in some way. The important question then becomes what are we doing to minimise the impact our products have on our planet?

Here at Kimberly-Clark (makers of Huggies) we have given a lot of effort to researching and improving our products to where they are today. All of this is designed to provide parents with the best possible products and ensure we minimise the impact of these products on the environment.

There have been many discussions surrounding the environment and the use of disposable nappies. Here we supply you with the facts and respond to a few of the myths created by stories in the media.

logo We also share with you the story of our involvement and support of New Zealand’s first Nappy Composting Service, Huggies Nappies and Envirocomp, and provide you with the answers to many common questions about nappy composting.

Now operating in Canterbury and the Wellington area, you can click here for more information or visit the Envirocomp website.