New nappy features

Infant Nappies now with Wetness Indicator

Our Newborn mums have told us how much they love the Wetness Indicator feature on our Newborn Nappies, so we?ve listened and added it to our Infant Boy and Girl Nappies too. The Wetness Indicator gradually changes colour from yellow to blue as your baby wets the nappy, helping you know when it may be time to change their nappy and avoid unnecessary checks.

You will now find that all of the features you love on the HUGGIES Newborn Nappies, like the waistband pocket which helps to protect against runny bowel movements at the back, grip tabs you can fasten anywhere on the cover, and now the Wetness Indicator, are all now on Infant Nappies, helping to provide extra reassurance as your newborn transitions up to Infant nappies.

Watch out for new packs with this feature in-store now.

Huggies Infant Nappies now available in Jumbo boxes

Huggies Infant Nappies now with “Fasten tabs anywhere” and the softest ever outer cover

Huggies Infant nappies also feature 2 new benefits. The first are grip tabs that can be fastened anywhere on the outer cover. This, in addition to the already stretchy tabs, means that you can position the tabs to ensure the best fit for your baby. This may be further in if you have a smaller baby and further out as your baby grows.

Plus, all Infant nappies will now also have the softest ever outer cover. This in conjunction with our baby soft liner provides that extra gentleness for your baby’s delicate skin. These 2 features are particularly beneficial for young babies and as such are already available on our Newborn Nappies.