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Tips from the Huggies Forum

Other mums and dads are a great resource for handy tips. Here’s a few tips we found on the Huggies Forum. Why not join in the discussion on the Huggies Forum and add your tipes about nappies as well.

  • “I find my toddler is happy getting a baby wipe out of the tub for me – it’s fiddly and holds his concentration. By the time I’m ready for the wipe he’s managed to get it out, and he’s delighted to help.”
  • “Do a little bit of research on where the best changing facilities are and shop their as much as possible.”
  • “Bundle up a ball of sticky tape, it really keeps them occupied trying to get it from one hand to the other.”
  • “Giving advance warning that you’re about to do the nappy change helps to prevent toddler tantrums. I also let them take the toy that they’re playing with along.”
  • “Whenever I start to get night time leakage I know that it’s time to go up a nappy size.”
  • “If you’re out and using a change table in the parents room, always test it to make sure that it won’t collapse while baby is on it. Also get your things out while baby is still in the pram and safe.”
  • “I just wanted to say that I love the Nappy-Pants! I have been buying them for a few weeks now. I originally bought them because stand-up nappy changing was becoming very tiresome! My 16mth old is so busy – these are just perfect for him to run around in and I also think he loves the thought of wearing ‘big-boy’ pants…”