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Your Newborn

Changing your baby’s nappy is easy – you just need to stick to a routine. Here’s a guide for how to do it:

  • Have everything you need to hand – changing mat, cloth, wipes or cooled, boiled water, cotton wool, nappy disposal bags, and a couple of fresh nappies.
  • Choose a suitable nappy change spot: somewhere that he can’t roll off, and where you don’t have to strain to reach him, as your back muscles are still vulnerable.
  • Lie your baby on his back and undo the nappy. Lift your baby gently by holding both his feet and remove the used nappy, using it to wipe away as much solid waste as possible.
  • Carefully and gently wipe over your baby’s nappy area, paying special attention to skin folds. You can use a wipe, or warm water and a cloth or cotton wool. For girls, wipe from front to back, to keep germs away from the vagina. For boys, clean around the penis and testicles, but don’t pull back the foreskin. Check for nappy rash.
  • If necessary, dry your baby carefully with cotton wool or a dry cloth. Letting him kick his legs in the warm, dry air is a good way of reducing nappy rash.
  • Open out the nappy and slide your fingers down the side of the nappy to lift up the leak guards.
  • Lift your baby’s legs up and place the clean nappy underneath (with the grip tabs at the back), so he’s lying on it. The absorbent, soft side of the nappy should go against his skin, and the top edge of the nappy should be about level with the middle of his back.
  • Bring the front part of the nappy up between his legs and spread firmly around the tummy. If you have a boy, point his penis down in the nappy.
  • With one hand holding the nappy gently on baby, open up one Grip Tab and attach it to the front of the nappy. Huggies Nappies and Huggies Newborn Nappies for your new baby both feature tabs that can be fastened anywhere on the front of the nappy. Repeat for the other side.
  • Reposition the Grip Tabs to adjust the fit of your baby’s nappy so they are comfortable. Double-check that the nappy is not too loose or too tight. Put your baby somewhere safe while you wash your hands and tidy up.
  • If your baby’s cord stump is still attached, fold the front of the nappy down to avoid this area.
  • HUGGIES® Newborn Nappies are Australia’s No. 1 newborn nappy, and have been awarded Gold in the 2015 Mother & Baby Awards for ‘Most Popular Disposable Nappy (0-3years)’!


Remember if there are any solids in the nappy, dispose of these in the toilet. The used nappy can be rolled into a tight ball using the Grip Tabs to seal it.
DO NOT flush the nappy down the toilet.

The general rule for newborns is to change your baby about as often as you feed him. A lot of mums will change their baby in the middle of each feed. However you usually don’t have to do it at every night feed.

Right from the start, your baby’s nappy-changing time is a good time to have a ‘conversation’, as well as being a necessary part of the care you give. You’re face to face with each other – so sing, tickle, talk and have fun!

Here’s where you can find more information about the entire Huggies Product Range to help make nappy change time easier.

Changing your newborn’s nappies video