DryTouch® Layer

HUGGIES® Nappies revolutionary DryTouch® Layer has bubbles of softness which instantly absorb wetness and springs back perfectly dry in seconds, leaving baby's skin dry, even when the nappy is full.

Soft And Stretchy Waistband

Large Stretchy Grip Tabs and Waistband for a comfortable and secure fit around the waist plus the Waistband Pocket also helps to protect against bowel movement at the back.

Exclusive Absorbency System For Up To 12hrs Leakage Protection

  1. Revolutionary DryTouch® Layer: Instantly absorbs wetness and springs back perfectly dry in seconds to leave baby dry and comfortable.
  2. Tailored Absorbent Core: Positioned up front within the nappy, where little boyslower down within the nappy, where little girls need absorbency the most.
  3. Unique Lock Away Cell: Ultra-trim, super absorbent material locks wetness away evenly throughout the nappy to keep your baby dry.

Tailored Absorbency For BoysGirls

Only HUGGIES® Nappies have tailored absorbency up front, where little boys need it most.lower down, where little girls need it most.

Clinically Proven

HUGGIES® Nappies have an all-over highly breathable cover that allows fresh air to circulate around baby's bottom, so skin stays drier. By keeping baby's bottom dry, HUGGIES® Nappies are clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash.


Experience the magic of Huggies® Nappies revolutionary new DryTouch* Layer

We’ve received so much great feedback over the last year about how much mums with newborn bubs love the revolutionary 3D UltraAbsorb® Layer inside our Newborn and Infant nappies, and have been asked many times when this same technology would be available on the larger Huggies Nappies sizes. Good news! Now it is.

Introducing Huggies® Nappies new DryTouch* Layer (available in our Crawler to Junior size nappies) - for up to 12 hours protection

Our DryTouch* Layer is made up of lots of small, super soft bubbles which instantly absorb wetness and magically puff back dry within seconds, helping to leave your baby's skin dry and them more comfortable.

This new technology was developed in Australia in conjunction with the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific International Research Organisation) and Textor Technologies.

You’ll soon see our new Huggies® DryTouch* Nappies rolling out across our range in stores over the next few months with fresh, new look packaging.