Change Mat Features

Huggies Change Mats have a large, soft absorbent top and non-slip backing designed to give your baby total head to toe protection during nappy changes. Find out from other mums about some of the other creative uses for Huggies Change Mats.

Nappy Changes

“On my change table with lambskin I like to put the Huggies mats on top for protection. They work a treat!”
Rebecca of Gordon Park, Qld

Compact & Light

“So easy to fit in the change bag, and I agree with other mums about how great it is to be able to throw them away and not carry around smelly ones.”
R, Mum of 2


“Some of the garages were disgusting and many stops were in the middle of nowhere at a park. The new Huggies change mats were fabulous for the trip – my lovely babies had a nice clean, soft and pleasant smelling surface to lie on while we changed them.”
Karen, Mum of 3 1/2, Qld

Parents Room

“I love them. I think the size is perfect, no more yucky change surfaces touching skin at all.”
Michelle, NSW


“I find it great! I also place him on it after I get him out of the bath.”
Tahia, Mum of 3 month old baby

Out & About

“I find them great at the pool to put down when I am changing my son. What a great product.”
Mel, TAS