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Creative Uses for Huggies Change Mats

Huggies mums share their creative ideas and tips for using Huggies Change Mats. They can be so much more than a nappy change mat.

“They make a great backdrop for eye-dropper paintings.”

“I use the mats as backgrounds for my kids’ murals or paintings.”

“Shopping with my daughter; she soiled everything she was wearing. No spare clothes so I wrapped her in several Huggies Change Mats to get home!”

“We used nappy safety pins on mat to make a dress. Also used ribbons as belt and straps.”

“I use Huggies Change Mats scrunched up to create a distressed look to my newly painted walls – worked a treat!”

“Placing the mat over a sick child’s lap in the car – helps to minimise mess and clean up on a necessary trip to the doctors.”

“A sand toboggan – for sliding down the sand dunes!”

“Great for insulating cold food during travel – no watery mess and super cold food! Picnic here I come!”

“While on holidays in QLD we used the mats for on the car seats after being at the beach and everyone was dripping wet! Very handy and I was most grateful!”

“It’s really my 2 & half year old daughters idea – Canine Art!! I found her in the garden, walking our Dalmatian through the muddy garden and then stamping his paw prints on her baby brothers Huggies Change Mat! Looked great!”

“I was stuck without breast pads once so folded one up to use as a breast-pad and it worked REALLY well!”

“My husband and I have been renowned for using the Huggies Change Mats as window screens, when we haven’t had anything to screen the sun from our precious bub. Worked a treat!”

“Huggies Change Mats made lovely teddy bear covered curtains for my daughter cubbie house. The water proof backing help resist the natural forming condensation too.”

“A bouquet of paper flowers for a new mother to be. Made a lovely baby shower decoration.”

“The rubber backing makes them great non-slip placemats for eating at friends houses, just gather the corners to collect scraps and mess and pop it in the bin.”

“They’re good to put at the base of the toilet in case of any misses. Not for my son though, for my husband.”

“Attach a kepis clip to the change mat and use it like a bib.”

“We used them to sit on at a rugby game once when the ground was soaked!!!”

“I have always loved using them for nappy free time have saved the carpet many times.”

“I held all four corners and used it as a sick bag to catch vomit. Nothing escaped!”

“Whilst camping my older boy thought my wee girl’s change mat would make a great flag for our tent!”

“I always use Huggies Change Mats when massaging my baby.”

“My 2 year old finger & foot stomped on one & now wears it for a superhero cape – Captain Colourful!”

“Huggies Change Mats are great as emergency wrapping paper.”

“Great for putting on the floor with a heap of crayons for drawing. Keeps my boy entertained for hours.”