Disposable Change Mats

You can feel comfortable knowing that you have a large, clean surface at your fingertips to change your baby anywhere without having to carry a mess around.

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Huggies Change Mats

Huggies Change Mats have a soft absorbent top and non-stick backing to give head to toe protection for your little one at change time. Huggies Change Mats make it easy to dispose of messes – no carrying around smelly mats or having to do a soak and wash when you get home. You can be completely mobile with a large clean surface at your fingertips to change your baby on the go.

Why Huggies Changing Mats are different:

Huggies Change Mats have a slip-resistant waterproof backing, ensuring they sit securely on any changing surface. Huggies Change Mats also have a soft, absorbent top layer to ensure your baby is comfortable while their nappy is changed. Using Huggies Change Mats ensures your baby is protected from any germs that may be present on the change surface, giving you a hygienic change surface anywhere.

Take Huggies Change Mats with you wherever you and baby go. They’re perfect for:

  • Visiting friends’ houses – no more polite but concerned looks as you change that dirty nappy. Lay down a Huggies Change Mat to contain any mess.
  • Planes and other forms of public transport that don’t have comfortable and hygienic surfaces for changing a baby.
  • Shopping centres – place a Huggies Change Mat on the change table in the parents’ room to protect from unhygienic surfaces.
  • The car – especially on long journeys. Place a Huggies Change Mat on the back seat or in the rear of your car and you have an instant change table.
  • Parks, playgrounds, camping grounds and public pools. As well as providing a clean changing surface, they protect the delicate skin on baby’s bottom, back and head from prickly grass, thistles, stones and twigs. Many parents also use Huggies Change Mats at home to protect the carpet, bed and other household surfaces when changing baby away from the change table. It’s easier to pop a soiled mat in the bin rather than try to mop up and then disinfect a rug, sofa or blanket! Huggies Change Mats are also ideal to use during baby massage, after a bath or a splash in the paddling pool as they absorb moisture while providing a soft clean surface for bub to lie on.

Product range

Huggies Change Mats measure a large 48cm x 76cm, but fold to about the size of small envelope so they’re easily stowed in your baby bag, stroller basket, car glove box, or even your handbag or jeans pocket. Huggies Change Mats come in a convenient 4 pack. You’ll find Huggies Change Mats in the baby section at your favourite supermarket or pharmacy.

Other clever ways to use Change Mats

  • Ideal for putting on car seats when kids and parents are wet from swimming
  • Huggies Change Mats make an excellent backing for craft activities
  • Use as placemats for your children when eating out
  • Put at the base of the toilet when toilet training
  • Tuck into bub’s top as an emergency bib
  • Great for anyone to sit on when the ground is wet or damp at a sport event or festival

Frequently asked questions

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