'Me After You' Podcast

Created by Huggies and Mamamia
'Me After You' is a special new podcast series exploring the identities and personal stories of women after motherhood.
Hosted by Laura Byrne, 'Me After You' is essential listening for every parent.

Latest Episodes

Episode 10: Hope

In the final episode of Me After You, we wanted to leave you with a little piece of hope.
For some women, motherhood becomes their defining and greatest achievement in life, and yet other mums are determined to maintain a stronger sense of their pre-baby self. It’s what keeps us going and makes us feel normal.
We find hope in the comfort of our shared fears and failures. The shared joys and tiny wins.
This week, you’ll be hearing from Marcia Leone about how she embraced pregnancy after miscarriage, Alex Nation on the part of parenthood she loves the most, Nama Winston on living her best life after leaving an unhappy marriage, and Ashe Davenport on how, for her, motherhood is all about going limp (letting go).

Episode 9: Friendship

Friendship can be a fraught topic for lots of mums. Do I work on my “old “friendships?
How do I make sure friends who aren’t going through the same things as me don’t feel ignored?
How can I make new friends?!
In this episode, Laura Jackal tells us how she just didn’t feel like she could be completely herself in her mother's group. Mum Emilyeen Filradi reveals her biggest regrets when it comes to friendships. You’ll also hear from many mums including Melanie Dimmitt who says it was her work friends that were her shoulder to lean on when she first found out about her son’s disability.

Episode 8: Travel

Travelling with kids is a polarising topic and it seems like no matter what you do people will tell you their opinions and share horror stories.

Whether you want to travel overseas or hit the road for a camping trip, going away with your baby can be stressful and complicated.
In this episode, single mum and writer Evie Farrel tells us how she packed up her entire life and now travels the world with her daughter, Emmy. You’ll also be hearing from another solo mum, Nama Winston, about how challenging it can be to travel when your child has allergies. And Melanie Dimmit shares how her life dramatically changed when her son was diagnosed with quadralplegic cerebral palsy, and how the diagnosis transformed travel for the family.

Episode 7: Self-Care

What does self-care look like to the modern busy mum?
Who has time for a massage, naps, essential oils, and deep breathing, when they can't even get a measly 7 hours sleep at night?
On this episode, you’ll be hearing from Ashe Davenport, who talks about how other people's expectations made it difficult for her to feel like she was allowed to prioritise herself once she became a mum; Stephanie Thompson and how her writing time is her wind down time, actress Teresa Palmer who finds solace in listening to true crime Podcasts, and other mums and what self-care means to them.

Episode 6: Home

Home life after you become a parent is more than four walls and a roof. It’s a battleground and a safe haven.
It’s a never-ending pile of washing, it’s memories and it’s tantrums.
On this episode, hear from Emilyeen Filardi, a self-proclaimed “clean freak” who recounts her hunt for a house that’s a bit more family-friendly, Laura Jackal who lived with a housemate after having her first baby, Ashe Davenport who finds it super helpful to embrace and meditate in mess and many other mums who share what home life means to them.

Episode 5: Family

Motherhood doesn’t only change your relationship with yourself.
It can also change your connections and experiences with those around you. Sometimes it brings you closer.
At other times, you might wish you could get a bit more space.
In this episode we’re speaking to women about their experiences with their own families, and the support networks they did or didn’t have when they became mothers.

Episode 4: Work

When you become a mum, your career and ambitions soon come into question.
All of a sudden, it can feel like you owe everyone an explanation for your choices.
Whether you are a stay at home mum, or a corporate mum boss, it’s hard to escape judgement.
In this episode, we dive deep on motherhood and careers. You’ll hear from journalist Narelda Jacobs about how her career in TV news made her want to hug her daughter so much tighter, comedian Veronica Milsom, who has just left her drive time radio gig to give birth to her second child and disability activist Stephanie Thompson about how her whole career had to shift after childbirth.

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Episode 3: Relationships

Love, romance, relationships.
Once a baby comes along, even those with the most rock-solid relationships can find it hard to maintain connection, and yet, romance can manifest in many different ways.
In this episode, you’ll hear from Alex Nation about how she navigated a messy split and how she came out to her son, Elijah. Actress Teresa Palmer, on how she makes her marriage work long-distance between Adelaide and Hollywood. And from many more mums about how they share the parenting load and keep romance alive with their partners, or on their own.

Episode 2: Body

On this episode of 'Me After You', you will be hearing from comedian and radio queen Veronica Milson, who realised that when boobs transition from flirtatious assets to udders, it can be kind of confronting, actress Teresa Palmer, who says pregnancy helped to “heal” her disordered relationship with food, and more women whose pregnancy has completely changed the way they feel about their bodies.

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Episode 1: Identity

No matter how it happens, motherhood changes you forever. 'Me After You' is the show that asks the question: So, what now?
Each episode, host Laura Byrne guides some very different women through their very different stories of life after birth.
In this first episode, we’re talking Identity, and you’ll hear from women like Alex Nation, who got pregnant at 18 and wrestled with being a kid with a baby, Narelda Jacobs, who had a shotgun wedding before coming out as gay to her very conservative family and a blogging mum with a huge following who never thought she wanted to become a mother. And all of them have struggled with the same thing - who the hell am I, now that I’m a mum.

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About 'Me After You'

Huggies and Mamamia have come together to create a new podcast every mum should listen to.

Who are you when you become a mum?
Do you still have questions about your new reality?
Will you ever feel like the old you again?

'Me After You' is a lovingly curated podcast series, providing insights and reassurance that you’re not the only one asking these questions.

Join new mum and influencer Laura Byrne as she chats with a range of guests including Aussie actress Teresa Palmer, Not So Mumsy author Marcia Leone and mummy blogger Brittany Noonan.

Exploring their stories and experience of motherhood and how it changed their whole identity.

'Me After You' is essential listening for every new parent. New episodes available every Wednesday.