Baby Barber Shop

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Muscle Builder, Just for fun, Mind Builder


Your little gentleman will enjoy his afternoon of grooming.

While your daughter is having a day of beauty with you (Baby Beauty Salon), your little boy can enjoy quality father-son time in a pretend barbershop. Let him squirt the shaving cream out of the can and lather up both of your chins and cheeks with a face brush. (Use tear-free soap as an alternative.)

Remove the blade from a disposable razor. Show your child how to “shave” his face. Let him rinse the razor in a cup of water or under the faucet. (Either use a real razor on your own face or let your little one practice his new shaving skills.) Offer your child a warm washcloth to wipe away remaining shaving cream. Let him help himself to a dab of aftershave (water in a bottle) to splash onto his cheeks.

Next, break out some styling mousse and combs for your little barber to use on both of your heads of hair. Once your ’dos are done, get dressed up for a dinner date with the ladies in the kitchen!