Whats that animal

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: vocabulary expander, mind builder, general knowledge


Kids love animals, they love drawing them, watching them on TV and going to see them in parks and zoo’s. You can use this fascination to keep your little one occupied and all you need is an old copy of the national geographic (or some other publication like it).

Lions, Tigers, Elephants and Giraffes, these creatures can enthral your little one. Get out an old copy of National Geographic and sit down for some quality time with your bub and all the animals of the world. You might enjoy this activity when stuck waiting at a doctor’s office, airport or just at home killing time.

What you do is you leaf through the magazine and see how many animals your child can name. Is that a baboon or a chimpanzee, how many can he see? Give rewards if your little one knows alot of animals and give a very special one if he can name more than you can. Get some healthy sibling rivalries going by getting two kids to sit down and see who can identify the animal in the picture first.

If you really want to get your little one excited, see if he can make the sound of the animals that he finds, all of a sudden your living room (or the waiting room!) might be filled with the joyous trumpeting of an elephant or the ferocious roaring of a lion, such fun!