Sorting Shapes

Duration: any

Age: toddler

Skill for Bub: shape recognition, eye-hand co-ordination


This sorting quiz will keep your little ones’ hands and minds busy, while helping develop their eye-hand coordination and shape recognition skills. One child can do the sorting and filling by themselves, but it’s more fun if they have someone to sort with, either in a race or just for company.

Firstly collect and fill up plastic bottles with different shapes. Buy different coloured beads for this purpose, or use whatever is at hand, such as pasta spirals or bows, dried peas, dried beans, pebbles, cotton balls, or even small leaves or petals.

First, place a sheet on the floor to catch spillage. Give each child two or three empty bottles to fill, depending on how many shapes there are to sort. Next, give each child a small plastic bucket containing a mix of the shapes. Very young children might only get through one small bucket of shapes before losing interest, so don’t overfill their buckets.

Two or more children might race to sort their shapes and fill their bottles, or they might do it as a team. Regardless of the outcome, it’s a nice idea to reward them with praise and maybe a treat such as a trip to the playground or story read from a favourite book.