Find a Fridge

Duration: any

Age: any

Skill for Bub: vocabulary expander, mind builder


This great kid’s quiz uses everyday objects and helps make learning their names and places around the house fun. It will also keep your little one occupied. It’s about having fun with your kids but its great if it keeps them entertained for hours, so you can get some me time!

All kids love exploring the house, especially when it’s part of a kid’s activity quiz that’s also a scavenger hunt. The best thing about this quiz is that it takes only a few minutes of your time and it can occupy your little one for hours.

Firstly make a list of some things you find around the house (all ones that are in no way dangerous) like refrigerator, TV, computer, dad etc. secondly, write or print the names on little pieces of paper and then stick them on the very thing they mention.

Now tell your kids how many little stickers are all over the house and tell them to go find them all. If you wanted to take this activity a little further, you could get your child to show you where he found the piece of paper and ask him/her to read it for you.

Kids will get excited about the treasure hunt if you set up a rewards system, so your enthusiasm is key to getting the game off to a good start.