You Glow, Girl!

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Making memories


You may not believe how much your body will change during pregnancy. Taking a pregnancy portrait or even some wacky candid shots is a fun activity that ensures you capture the unbelievable shape of your belly.

Pregnancy is a special, yet temporary, time in your life when your body is doing strange things it’s never done before! Between the shape changes and the internal sensations, it’s a whole new world. Rather than hiding their bellies, women today are embracing their curvy shapes and capturing that pregnancy glow with pregnancy portraits or fun candid shots. Whether you choose to use the services of a photographer specialising in pregnancy photography or you have a loved one take several snapshots, the photos are a tangible record of the pregnancy after your baby is born. Here are some fun ways to capture your glow, girl:

  • Take a trimester-by-trimester approach and have a photo taken every three months. This will allow you to see the changes over time. For fun, line up next to a fruit that might be the equivalent size of your belly: a grapefruit for the first trimester, a honeydew melon for the second and a watermelon for the third.
  • Paint your belly with nontoxic costume makeup. You can choose to go with the seasons or holidays as a guide: paint a pumpkin for Halloween, a wreath for Christmas, a heart for Valentine’s Day, etc. 
  • For full-belly shots, wait until the third trimester. Alternatively, you can document each month with a picture. 
  • Take a mix of black and white and color shots. Black and white offers the timeless and artistic feel many moms look for in pregnancy portraits while color captures the vibrancy of the moment. 
  • To capture the fullness of the belly, take profile photos. You may even want to lie on your side. Lighting is also important, so whether you shoot indoors or outdoors, keep natural or spot lighting in mind.
  • Don’t forget to create a keepsake storybook of your photos on the Huggies Baby Network!
  • Hang one in your baby’s nursery and including them in your photo album. Your baby will get a kick out of seeing them someday!