The Parent-Apprentice

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Mind builder


Gain expertise on raising babies by becoming a parent-in-training.

Becoming a first-time mother can be pretty intimidating, especially if you haven’t had much experience taking care of babies before. If you’re feeling anxious about the big arrival, get the skills you’ll need by becoming a parent-apprentice. First, ask a friend if you can help to take care of her child. Then study the craft of baby-raising by observing her changing nappies, feeding meals, and giving baths. Try to guess what her baby’s cries mean. When you are feeling more confident, put your skills to the test by trying out a nappy or two, giving a bottle, or burping the baby. Offer to babysit for a couple of hours to experience what it’s like to be alone with an infant. (Note: Babysit only if you really are feeling comfortable — and the mother is in close proximity.) You’ll be an old pro before you know it — just in time for you to take care of your own baby.