Just One Word

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Making memories


The power of a single word can be startling. Capture these words, and share them someday with others in creative ways.

A single word often can sum up a day, a feeling or a moment. Capturing these words is a fun way to preserve memories, but they also can be used later on for other creative keepsakes or just to spark conversation.

  • Start this activity on the day you think, or find out, that you’re pregnant.
  • At the end of each day, or as often as you like, write down one word that sums up the feeling of the entire day. This can be done on an index card, sheet of paper or in a journal.
  • Be sure to include the day’s date, relevant info (months pregnant or special event that happened that day) and then the word.
  • Here’s an example: 2 September 2008 – Positive pregnancy test: OVERWHELMED! Then, put the sheet of paper or index card into a special jar, box or book.
  • Here’s a second example: 18 November 2008 – First ultrasound: OVERJOYED!
  • Get creative with your words! Don’t just be “happy” or “sad” – be “jubilant,” “frustrated” or “ravenous”!

Use these words to communicate with your partner a summary of your feelings. Save them for use later in scrap-booking projects or to create poems or rhymes for your child.