Dream Themes

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Memory making, Parties and Celebrations


If planning a baby shower is on your list of things to do, then start with a theme! We have lots of fun ways to add a bit of pizzazz to the party.

Baby shower themes may make it easier for the guests to bring gifts that are sure to be needed and are also great for second- or third-time showers when the mother may have items she can use from her first baby. Invitations should be given about four weeks before the shower to give guests time to select gifts. Here are some theme ideas:

Nursery Heaven

In this shower, the décor is heavenly! Think clouds, blue skies, soft music and a peaceful environment. Every gift is for the most special room in the house: the nursery. Crib sheets, nappy holders, baby monitors, wall hangings, mobiles and nightlights are popular gift items. Variations can be made from more traditional shower games such as using nursery items for the tray game, and new games can be added to fit the theme, such as blindfolding each guest and having them put a nappy on a balloon.

The Cool Mummy

This shower should be all about the mum-to-be. Décor should include her favorite things (does she like butterflies, for example?) as well as music you know she enjoys (even if you hate it!). Gifts are tailored to her parenting desires or just pampering her. If she plans to breastfeed, for example, guests can give nursing pads, books about nursing, pillows or other items to help the breastfeeding relationship. Other gifts include a comfy robe, a prenatal massage and restaurant gift certificates. The point is to show the new mother that her wishes are respected and that her loved ones are supportive. Activities could include everyone sharing reasons why they think the mum-to-be will be a great mum, or writing a few words of wisdom on index cards for her to look through after baby is born. To splurge, hire a manicurist or massage therapist to come by and pamper the mum-to-be and her guests!

All Baby

The guest of honor here is the baby-to-be. Décor is baby-themed – you can even ask guests to come dressed as baby dolls, pregnant mums (with pillows under their shirts) or bring their favorite childhood toy. Each gift is something the mum-to-be has asked for or needs for the baby. This allows a wider range of gifts including car seats, toiletries, clothing, diapers, nursery items, books and anything related to the first few months of parenthood. Activities and games include each guest bringing a picture of themselves as babies (the guest who can match the most pictures with the adults wins) and unscrambling common words associated with babies. Gifts can include baby bottles filled with candy or nuts.

Tea Party Shower

Invite guests to a tea party in honor of the mum-to-be. While you supply the finger sandwiches and beverages, they supply food for the future! Everyone knows new mums have no time to cook. So one of the best gifts you can give a mum-to-be is food to stock her freezer! In this shower, have all the guests bring a frozen meal they have prepared. Suggestions include:

  • Pot of chili.
  • A favorite casserole.
  • Lasagna or other pasta dish.
  • Split pea or chicken noodle soup.
  • For guests who don’t cook, they can bring gift certificates for takeout food at local restaurants.

A variation on this theme includes having each guest bring a recipe card with her favorite easy recipe.