Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Making memories, Parties and Celebrations


Two creative ways to embellish your belly.

Long gone are the days when women used to hide their tummies behind unflattering mumus. Celebrate your growing shape with two art activities that really let it all hang out!

Plaster Casting

Remember the shape of your belly long after the nine months have gone by making a pregnancy plaster cast. A perfect baby shower activity, this mum-to-be memento is made by applying layers of wet plaster to the front of the expecting woman’s belly. (Look for kits online or in infant retail stores.)

Once the plaster has set, the cast is gently pulled away from the body to reveal a replica of your beautiful belly. When the cast has dried, it can be painted or decorated. (Consider casting your belly before your baby shower, and then have friends write messages to you and your new addition — it’s a gift you’ll smile at years from now.)

Henna Belly Painting

Your belly becomes the canvas for the safe and easy ancient Indian art form of Mehndi, a type of body painting that uses plant matter and oils to temporarily tattoo the body.

Mehndi kits can also be purchased online and in specialty maternity stores, and usually contain all of the essential ingredients: henna power, lavender oil, an applicator, and design stencils. Some communities have local artists who specialise in this art form; check your phone book for information.