Baby Shower Nappy Cake

Duration: any

Age: baby

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, parties celebrations


Looking for a sweet and unique baby shower gift? Try your hand at making a creative gift that will be useful too! Put your apron away, you won’t need to bake this cake… All you’ll need are newborn nappies and a few bits and pieces.

I made a nappy cake from Huggies new born nappies for my baby shower!
Melissa, VIC.

what you’ll need:

  • Nappies
  • rubber bands
  • board
  • items for decorating: ribbon, toys, bows etc


  • Roll each nappy from the open end and place a rubber band around each nappy. (do this to all your nappies)
  • Place rolled nappies together side by side in a circular bunch, and use a larger rubber band or ribbon and secure it around the bunch of rolled up nappies. (continue until you have desired amount.)
  • Place on a stiff board to assist with holding the nappies in place. You may like to use sticks (or skewers) to place between layers to secure it.
  • NB. I made three sizes and placed them on top of each other to look like a layered cake.
  • Once completed, finish off with some decorations, such as toys, teddies, baby products, ribbon etc.
  • It’s a great idea for a centre piece, or can make a great gift.

From Melissa Duncan