Train Caboose

Duration: any

Age: baby, toddler

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun,


You don’t have to spend a fortune on kids toys. A bit of crafty recycling on a rainy indoor day can result in a whole new train caboose for your kids to play in, or pull their toys around in.

Have fun pushing teddies or baby/toddler (in bigger box) around the room!
- Adele Banwell, VIC.


Old box. Used wrapping paper (to cover box). Cellophane (for smoke). Coloured Paper & Foil (to decorate). Margarine/dip plastic container (front light). Egg carton (for grill). Masking/packing tape. Black Marker. Scrap Material (engine driver hat!).


1. Remove flaps from cardboard box
2. Wrap outside of box in wrapping paper. Secure with tape
3. Take one cardboard flap and cut out 20-30cm x 5cm stick- can use paper or marker to decorate
4. Scrunch up cellophane into 3 balls and stick onto decorated side of cardboard stick- Secure to front of box to form the smoke pipe
5. Cover margarine/dip container in foil and coloured paper to make front light. Stick to box – below base of smoke pipe
6. Cut out egg carton and shape to form grill- secure to base of box at the front
7. Draw on wheels or cut out from scrap paper
8. Have fun pushing teddies/baby or toddler (in bigger box) around the room!!