Tidy-Up Robot

Duration: any

Age: child, parent

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun


Making a Tidy-up Robot involves a little bit of “tidy-up” collecting recyclable throw-away items from around the house, and turning them into a cool robot! Is there a better way to spend a day!?

On a wet miserable winter day about a month ago my son and I made the
“Tidy-up robot” using old boxes, toilet & handy towel roll tubes, used wrapping
paper, wool and ice-block sticks. - Tracy Ongun, Wellington


  • Cardboard boxes, (from cereal, laundry powder, lasagne sheets, etc)
  • Toilet rolls
  • Hand towel rolls
  • Old wrapping paper and cards
  • Wool
  • Ice block sticks
  • Glue and a sturdy stapler


  • Simply glue and staple the pieces together to resemble a robot.
  • You can add to him over time
  • Paint a big smiley face and decorate however you like