Shadow fun

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Mind Builder


Play basic shadow games with your bub.

Take advantage of a sunny day, or use a strong lamp indoors to play shadow games with your baby or toddler.

Hold your baby with one arm and wave to your shadow with the other. Crouch down to make a small shadow, and then stand up to make a tall shadow. Toddlers will love standing beside you, imitating your movements to make your shadows match. (Raise your right arm and wave your hand. Bend to the left. Hop on one foot.) If you crouch down, and your child stretches tall, their shadow will be taller than yours!

Make your shadows do interesting movements: hold hands and stand on one foot; lift your child in the air; bend from side to side; jump up and down; toss a ball in the air; open an umbrella.

Play a hide and seek game with the sun. Stand with your back to the sun and your toddler directly in front of you. Point out how your child’s shadow is hiding. (“We can see my shadow, but where is your shadow?”) Then tell your child to extend arms, legs, or head to the side, and watch as their shadow peeks out.