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My "Always-Sometimes" Foods

Duration: any

Age: child

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Mind Builder


A delicious way to teach your child about healthy eating.

For some parents, getting their kids to understand that cookies are not for breakfast — or to eat a vegetable more than twice a year — can be a real challenge. This project can help your child learn the difference between healthy and junk foods in an entertaining and age-appropriate way.

Get Started

  • Start by cutting out pictures of nutritious foods, such as vegetables, fruits, chicken, eggs, and bread, and not-so-nutritious foods, such as cookies, cakes, candy, and ice cream, from food magazines or product labels.
  • Separate the pictures by asking your child to help you to find the “always” foods (the healthy ones that she can eat all of the time) and “sometimes” foods (the items that she can have for dessert once in a while, or as a special snack).
  • Glue or tape the foods, according to their category, to sheets of colorful construction paper.
  • Label the pages “always foods” or “sometimes foods.”
  • Laminate each page.
  • Assemble the pages in a three-ring binder.
  • Have your child decorate the cover of her “Always-Sometimes” foods book with markers, paint, glitter, stickers, or crayons.