Mealtime Busy Bag

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child, parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun


A take-along tote makes entertaining children at eateries easier than ever!

Keeping your child occupied until the food arrives at restaurants can be a challenge for many parents. Make sitting down to a meal enjoyable again by bringing along this personalised bag of toys for your tot.

Get Stuffed!

  • Purchase a small canvas bag or gift bag.
  • Use a paint pen to write your child’s name on it.
  • Invite your child to help you decorate it using glitter pens and sponge paints.
  • Fill it with take-along toys such as an assortment of stickers, action figures, ink stamps, play clay, crayons, a notebook, etc.

Keep the bag in your car or stroller so that you always have it on hand to amuse your child at a moment’s notice.