Magnificent Masks

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun, Parties celebration


Plain paper plates become the canvas for these wearable works of art.

Children to love to play dress-up. And parents should be glad for it: These make-believe play sessions are great boosts to kids’ imagination and their understanding of what’s real and what’s not. As a bonus in this activity, the masks are as fun to make as they are to wear while playing.

A Dashing Disguise

  1. Fold a plain paper plate in half and cut a small triangle in the center to create a nose. Then cut out the eyes. (Blunt toddler-safe scissors make it difficult to cut out tiny details, so you may have to do the cutting for them.)
  2. Have your child decorate the mask with crayons, paint stamps, and glitter glue.
  3. Help her glue on pieces of fabric to create funny hats or hair.
  4. Punch holes on either side of the mask, and thread a shoelace through as a way to fasten the mask.

Wall Wonders: When your child is finished playing with her masks, you can create a whimsical wall hanging for your child’s bedroom or playroom by mounting three masks in a row on a rectangular piece of cardboard and then frame.