Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle Builder, Mind Builder


A gently rolling game for newborn bubs.

Lay your baby next to you on a soft surface, and pick out 2 colourful things that he will enjoy looking at, and one on each side of the baby.


  • Say to your baby, “its time to roll”, so that he knows the name of what he is doing.
  • Gently roll him over to one side so that he can look at the toy, reach for it, and respond to it.
  • Then roll him over to the other side so that he will see a different toy.
  • This game will encourage your baby to roll from side to side.

When he gets used to this game, try picking up one of the items and holding it above his face, move it a little bit to the side and encourage him to grab it – give him the toy if he rolls over. Make sure your baby’s head is on a soft comfortable surface, and that their head is supported if they lift it off the ground.