Count the Chicks

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child, parent

Skill for Bub: Mind builder


Hatch your child’s love of math with help from some fuzzy friends.

CAUTION: Adult supervision is always recommended when creating these crafts. Please note that there may be small parts for some of the crafts that could be a choking hazard for children under three years of age and/or tools needing close adult supervision. Created crafts may not be intended for use as toys and these should only be used with adult supervision by children under three years of age.

Some children learn better by hearing and others absorb more by seeing. These cute, cuddly chicks are a great visual for helping your little one learn how to count, add, and subtract:

What You’ll Need

  • 12 large fluffy yellow pom-poms
  • 24 googly eyes
  • 12 small orange paper triangles (to use as the beaks).
  • 1 empty egg carton

Get Counting

  • Glue a pair of googly eyes to each pom-pom.
  • Glue the triangles underneath the eyes (to use as the beaks).
  • Place them in the egg carton.
  • Close the carton and tell your child, “Oh my! The eggs have hatched!” Open the carton and say, “How many baby chicks are there?”
  • Ask your child to count aloud as she points to each chick.
  • Take out some of the chicks and shut the carton again. Say, “Oh no! (Number) of the baby chicks flew away! Now how many are left?”
  • After your child counts the remaining chicks, return one of the chicks to the carton.
  • Say, “One of the chicks came back. There were (number) there before. Now, how many are there?”

You can use the chicks to help teach arithmetic in any number of ways. Don’t worry if he is not yet able to perform this skill. Remember, every child develops at his own pace.