Cause and Effect

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Mind Builder


This Little Baby is a fun, mind-stimulating poem that aids in various areas of development, including cause and effect.

This Little Baby is a fun, brain-building game that aids in the development of cause and effect through anticipation and excitement and other newly budding interests like body awareness through touch. This poem also may help her learn object permanence, which means that when Mummy or Daddy is out of Baby’s sight, she or he is not necessarily gone.

This Little Baby

This little baby rocked in the cradle.
(Wiggle one arm)
This little baby jumped in the bed.
(Wiggle the other arm)
This little baby crawled on the carpet.
(Wiggle one leg)
This little baby bumped her head.
(Wiggle the other leg)
This little baby played hide and seek.
(Move your face close to hers)
Where’s that little baby?
(Place your hands over your face)
Oo-oo-ooh peek-a-boo!
(Uncover your face with a great big smile!)

Place Baby on her back, and kneel down toward her. Gently touch her arms and legs while saying the poem. When saying “peek-a-boo,” make sure that you’re making a happy face.