Baby Stacks

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Mind builder, Hand/eye coordination, Muscle builder, Just for fun


You probably have noticed that Baby reaches for objects, and although he may miss his target, he continues to explore and try. This is where finger play activities become important.

By incorporating exercises that stimulate fine motor control, you can help Baby to master control over his fingers individually and help him understand the special connection between how long they are, how far he can reach with them and when to close them in order to grasp the object.

Now is a great time to incorporate free, unstructured movement and sensory play into your daily routine with Baby. Stacking games are wonderful for conveying how objects relate to each other as well as in space.

  • Place Baby on a blanket on the floor, and give him a series of stacking cups of graduated sizes and variations. It is best to use stacking objects that are the same shapes, such as circular cups that graduate in various sizes or even kitchen measuring cups.
  • Build towers by placing smaller plastic cups onto larger ones, and then knock them down. Collapsing them or knocking them down emphasizes permanence because they change position while remaining the same objects.
  • You also can nest the cups by placing them inside each other to demonstrate how the shapes relate to one another.
  • Variations on this game include using wooden blocks to stack and knock down and exploring items of different sizes and textures, such as books, fabric swatches and even paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

Make sure that the toys are safe for Baby’s mouth and that he is always under your visual supervision.