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Strike up the Band for Babies

Duration: any


Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Mind Builder


Teach your child about cause and effect, and develop her hand-eye coordination with the sound of music.

Little maestros will love discovering their ability to make music with mini symbals, maraca, a toy piano, xylophone, or drum. Don’t have musical instruments? Small lids, plasticware containers, pots, and wooden spoons are terrific alternatives for pint-size percussionists.

As children play a drum, tap a piano key, or clap cymbals together, they are learning that their movements cause the sounds to happen.

Setting the Stage

  • Offer one “instrument” at a time, telling baby the name of it.
  • After a few moments of allowing her to explore it, give your child another. After she plays with the new instrument for a bit, you can play with the other one to show her how the sounds differ.
  • Let baby make a ruckus as she gets familiar with each new item and its sound!