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Tissue Box Monster

Duration: medium

Age: toddler

Skill for Bub:


A simple craft activity to turn your recycling into fun times for your kids!

note: We recommend the help of mum and dad in cutting out items for this activity

  1. Take the plastic insert off a tissue box
  2. Cover the tissue box with white or coloured paper
  3. Cut two strips of white paper or card approx 5 cm wide and the length of the dispenser hole in the tissue box.
  4. Cut zig zags in these strips of paper to make teeth
  5. Glue teeth inside top and bottom of dispenser hole in tissue box
  6. Attach eyes (we used white pompoms with black marker pen but you could draw on eyes or glue on googley eyes)
  7. Decorate your monster. (We glued on circles and triangles of coloured paper but you could use stickers, paint or drawings)
  8. Finish off with some hair (we pushed in some chenille sticks but you could glue on some clumps of wool or ribbons)