Party Pig Piñata

Duration: any

Age: child, parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, parties celebrations, Outdoor


Preparing for a party is half the fun! With this activity your kids can get involved in the party preparation, and enjoy the party game it results in. Plus there’s the benefit of teaching your kids to recycle too.

Have fun making it before the party, and then more fun smashing it apart
at the party. - Larissa, QLD.


  • 1 Extra Large Round Balloon (for the body)
  • 6 Take away cardboard coffee cups (for the legs, nose and ears)
  • 1 Take away cardboard coffee carrier (for the eyelashes)
  • Lots of 2cm wide x 30cm+ long strips of newspaper
  • 4 Large bottles of Clag glue (available from the Supermarket)
  • Masking tape
  • Curling ribbon
  • Pink paint, black & red to decorate
  • Stanley knife
  • Large bowl (stainless steel is best) to prepare paper mache paste
  • Plus heaps of good stuff to put inside!


  1. MPORTANT – Cover work surface well.
  2. In the large bowl combine 2 lots of the Clag with water (1 part Clag to 2 parts water).
  3. Blow up the balloon & knot.
  4. Set the balloon on a rolled up towel or another bowl, so it doesn’t move about.
  5. Dip the newspaper strips into the paste & spread evenly over the balloon, covering it completely. Giving it a good 2-3 layers of newspaper for strength. Leave the knot of the balloon sticking out (like a tail).
  6. Let this layer dry completely (approx 48 hours).
  7. Once dry, tape the pig’s appendages onto the paper mache balloon ie coffee cup legs, nose.
  8. Cut out the ears (from 1 coffee cup) into a triangle, and cut the eyelashes from the carrier, and tape onto the paper mache balloon.
  9. Repeat steps 1 – 6, covering all appendages.
  10. Once dry, pop the balloon and remove it by pulling its tail. Don’t worry if you can’t get the balloon out.
  11. Poke 4 small holes in the top & thread through some curling ribbon to hang up at party time.


  • While the paper mache on the body needs to have enough layers to make it strong enough to hold its shape, remember you want it to be able to be smashed apart later without the need of a chainsaw! So don’t make it too thick.
  • You can fill the piggy with lollies, popcorn or small gifts. Just make sure there’s enough to go around.
  • At the party, the game goes like this: Children gather around the piñata, one child has a go at a time. Blindfold that child and give them a long strong stick, spin them around once or twice to make them lose the place of the pig, but then face them back in the right direction (don’t spin them too many times, you don’t want them to be too dizzy). The aim is to bash the pig with the stick until it explodes and all the goodies come pouring out. Decide how many swipes each child gets before it is the next childs turn. Once the pig explodes, it’s ALL IN, and everyone shares the loot!
  • IMPORTANT: you don’t want to end up on Funniest Home Videos for the wrong reasons, so make sure the rest of the children remain well out of the way of the swiping stick! Also make sure no younger children or pets are running around the yard at the time.