Paper Bag kites

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun, Mind builder


Make a paper kite at home.

Tools of Play:

Paper bags, crayons or colouring items, crepe paper, sticky tape, a hole punch, string


Help your child decorate their kite – make sure they are really bright and colourful. Attach some crepe paper with sticky tape to the closed ends of the paper bag; this is the tail of the kite.

On one side of the open end of the bags place some tape for reinforcement, and then punch a hole through the tape. Thread some string through the hole to complete the kite.

This kite will not fly up in the air, but your child will have lots of fun running with their kites flying behind them in the wind. If you don’t have enough room at home, pack a picnic, visit your local park so your little one can run freely.