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Moving story picture

Duration: short


Skill for Bub: making memories


Bring your child’s favourite story to life – or create your own – with this clever moving story picture activity. Thanks to Huggies mum Joanne for submitting.

My daughter is into pirates and mermaids at the moment. I saw this idea in a book but adapted it to include photos of my daughter as a mermaid and her pet cat as the captain on the ship.

1. On a piece of paper or card draw a picture of the ocean and sea creatures.
2. Cut out a photo of your child down to her torso and glue to one side of the picture. Then draw a mermaids tail.
3. On another piece of paper or card draw a boat. Attach an iceblock stick in the middle and colour the stick blue.
4. On the sea picture cut out two slits as shown. Once through draw and cut out a fish or sea creature and stick to the stick. This prevents it falling out from the picture.
5. Cut up another photo of a person or pet and attach an iceblock stick. Slide this through 2 slits cut into the boat as shown.
6. Now move the sticks to see the boat ‘move’ up and down the waves and to ‘move’ the captain up and down.