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Foam Ball Critters

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun


Create your own critters; spiders, birds, bunnies or kittens.

My three year old twins made these (Incy Wincy Spider and Chirpy Bird)
for their neighbour as a gift for his 5th birthday.They were so proud!
- Andrea, SA.


Foam balls, pipe cleaners, paint, paint brush & tray, eyes, feathers, scissors, craft glue (optional) coloured matchsticks, felt, glitter, pompom, (helpful) corn holder, skewer.


  • Paint foam balls & allow to dry (use a corn holder to help small hands to hold the ball while painting). This provides an opportunity to teach children about primary and secondary colours.
  • Cut pipe cleaners to size and bend to shape required (i.e. legs, hair).
  • Poke pipe cleaners into the ball (if this proves difficult, use a skewer to prepare hole for child) at appropriate locations.
  • For bird place feathers in suitable location.
  • Use a craft glue to add eyes to ball. (Optional)
  • Coloured matchsticks or felt can be used to make a mouth, if desired.
  • Likewise, a small pompom can be used for a nose.
  • Glitter can be used to spruce up the critter – hair maybe.
  • An additional pipecleaner can be added to hang the critter.