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Fluffy easter bunny

Duration: short

Age: , toddler

Skill for Bub: just for fun


Your little one can make a cute fluffy Easter bunny with this simple craft activity. All you need is tissues, paper, glue and textas!

Draw a simple outline of a rabbit on a piece of paper and get your child to colour in the ears.
Let you child “colour-in” the rabbit shape with a glue-stick (leave the middle of the ears glue-free).
Scrunch up pieces of tissue and place them on the glued areas of the rabbit.
Place pieces of tissue carefully around the outline of the ears, leaving the coloured centres clear.
Scrunch up a tight ball to make a nose and colour in red.
Add glue and stick in the centre of the face.
Using a texta, add detail to the body, paws and feet and to the face-whiskers and eyes.