Crayon Cupcakes

Duration: any

Age: baby, toddler, child, parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun


They’re not for eating, but these cute creations made from melted-down crayons let your little one test her kitchen skills.

CAUTION: Adult supervision is always recommended when creating these crafts. Please note that there may be small parts for some of the crafts that could be a choking hazard for children under three years of age and/or tools needing close adult supervision. Created crafts may not be intended for use as toys and these should only be used with adult supervision by children under three years of age.

Instead of throwing away broken crayons, save them in a large container. When it is almost full (which may not take as long as you think given the way children colour), you’ll have the ingredients to make your “cupcakes.”

  • Preheat the oven to 150C.
  • Line an old muffin tin with aluminum foil.
  • Remove the paper wrappers from the crayons.
  • Have your child help you fill the cups halfway with crayons.
  • Heat the crayons for four minutes, or until they are melted.
  • Remove the tin and allow it to cool for several minutes.
  • Lift the aluminum foil and carefully remove the circle-shaped crayons.
  • Hand your child a piece of paper so that she can test her blended crayons right away.