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Christmas kisses tree

Duration: short

Age: child

Skill for Bub: making memories, just for fun


This was is a great idea for Christmas gifts to family and teachers.

Christmas tree

What you’ll need: 1 small terracota pot, paints, foil, 1 polystyrene cone, 1.5 packs of hershey kisses, glue gun.


  1. Get your little one to paint their design on the terracotta pot.
  2. Trim the polystyrene cone so that it fits neatly inside the pot
  3. Either paint or cover the cone in foil (coloured foil looks nice if you have it).
  4. Help from an adult – Glue the hershey kisses with a glue gun on to the cone, 1 row at a time. Ensure each alternate row fits in the gaps of the hersheys kisses from the row below.