Car Carry-All

Duration: medium

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Just for fun


Never leave home without a custom-designed tote filled with road-trip recreations for your tot.

Whether it’s a five-minute ride to the market or a three-hour weekend excursion, keeping a personalised bag filled with boredom-busting activities and toys in the car will make the ride that much more enjoyable for little travelers — and their parents!

  • Purchase a small canvas bag or gift bag.
  • Use a paint pen to write your child’s name on it.
  • Invite your child to help you decorate it using glitter pens and sponge paints.
  • Fill it with take-along toys such as an assortment of stickers, action figures, finger puppets, toy cars, pipe cleaners, a mini Etch-a-Sketch® toy, books, crayons, and a notebook.
  • Reward your child with a new prize to add to her bag for good behavior during the road trip.
  • Rotate the bag’s contents occasionally to keep your child entertained for the duration of the trip.